Make user an administrator temporarily

You need to log into both RDS01/02 as an administrator to successfully complete the steps, so to do this we make the user we are setting up temporarily an administrator.

To do this RDP into STA-AD01, login with the normal Administrator credentials and visit Active Directory Users and Computers, right click on your user, under member of, make them a member of the administrators group.

Set the user up on STA-RDS01

From any computer click on the start menu, type cmd press enter to get command prompt.  next type the following "mstsc /admin"  without the quotation marks.  type in the first server to setup STA-RDS01 and press connect. Login with the credentials of the user you wish to setup.

Once you are logged into the RDS server, click on the start menu, all programs, google apps sync, Setup a google apps sync user.

Type in the users email address and follow the instructions, you'll need their email password as well, to authorise google apps sync for their user account. 

Set the user up on STA-RDS02

Repeat the exact same steps as above but replace STA-RDS01 with STA-RDS02.

Once these steps have been complete you should be able to go into office outlook and it'll be active.  Be sure to remove them from the administrators group once you have completed these steps.