what is Auskey?

AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services on behalf of a business.

AUSkey allows you to access and send business information to government online. It simplifies the way you can interact with government from changing your Australian business number (ABN) details to lodging your business activity statement (BAS).

AUSkey reduces the number of usernames and passwords that you need. It gives you the ease and convenience of online access to help your business deal with government in a more efficient way (at least that's the theory!).

When changing computers the Auskey files need to be copied to the new computer.

From time to time the persons computer who does the accounts, needs to be upgraded, or a user profile gets migrated etc, and the user "loses Auskey".

Fortunately, it's quiet easy to get back it's stored in the user's roaming application data.

First if necessary show hidden files..

On both computers:

Goto - Control Panel > View by Large Icons > Folder Options

  1. select View tab
  2. scroll down to Hidden Files and Folders
  3. select Show hidden files, folders or drives

On the computer that has the AUSkey(s) currently already installed and working:
  • using Windows Explorer open up the C drive
  • then scroll down and double-click on the Users folder
  • double-click on the User profile name folder that has the current AUSkey(s) installed
  • double-click on the Application folder
  • double-click on the Roaming folder
  • single-click on the AUSkey folder

in the right window pane you should see two files:

  1. keystore.xml
  2. keystore.xml.bak
Copy the entire AUSkey folder to an external USB key

On the destination computer copy the folder to the same location.

 Done! you can now get Auskey working on the new users computer (assuming the correct version of Java is installed, go to if you receive a java error upon loading the website).