Note: The order in which you do this is important, you must log into the active directory server(domain controller) first, before configuring the email.

1. Run remote desktop connection and log into sta-ad01 with the Administrator credentials.


2. Double click on Active directory users and computers and select the users folder, right click on the user you want to copy (i.e. the user with similar or the same permissions as the new desired user) and click copy.. 

3. Fill in all the required details for the new user, hit next then enter the password for the new user and hit finish, note, do not put spaces in the user logon name and avoid Salutations in the First Name and Last Name fields.


4. Once you have created the new user close active directory users and computers, hit log off and now it's time to log onto the exchange server.

5. For exchange 2010/2013 you can log straight into the Exchange Admin Centre from any computer that can access the exchange server on the network, to do, jump into the web browser and browse to https://sta-exch-01/ecp

6. Log in with an Administrator username and password


7. Under the mailboxes tab, press the plus icon and select new user mailbox.


8. A new window will pop up, enter the alias (the first part of the email address that you want to create, for example if you wanted you would enter johnsmith. Next, select existing user and press the browse button.


9. Choose the user from the list that you want to create an email address for and press OK, then press Save and you're good to go!

10. Done! try logging in with your new user and you'll be good to go, note, if you need to setup remote outlook you may need to log into sta-rds with your new user, go to control panel then mail and add the new account via the mail option in control panel.