Older versions of the HP Universal Printer driver have a bug in them which activates Interactive Services Detection within windows 7.

The message comes up typically as follows..


In order to get rid of this message Administrators need to do the following procedure

Update the drivers

First update the HP universal print driver on the PC, found here:


Make sure any HP Printers on the computer are using them

Install it on the computer and if there are any printers locally configured on the computer you need to ensure they are set to use the latest driver. This can be done via going into control panel, devices and printers, and any HP printers listed(only HP printers), right click, printer properties, then under the advanced tab where you see driver make sure the newest version of the HP universal printer driver is selected (the drivers should have their version number listed), select the latest driver and press OK.

Disable interactive service detection

And disabling the interactive service detection service under administrative tools, then services, find the service in the list, right click properties and select disabled from the drop down menu, hit OK and done.