URL(Website) Whitelist Procedure

Author: Ben Smith
Last Updated: 16/10/2013
Targeted Audience: CSA/Tech only.


URL Filtering is controlled by the Netgear UTM firewall, the firewall blocks a range of default keywords and terms that it may think are malicious or non business related.

Unfortunately from time to time legitimate websites will get blocked.

This procedure details how the CSA admin can safely unblock legitimate websites when requested by staff.


Note this procedure should not be given out to staff under any circumstances, it is highly recommended that staff should have to put in writting the URL they wish to unblock, the reason for unblocking and their manager providing authorisation for the unblock.

Please also be aware the Netgear firewall is a critical system to the operation of the network, while care has been taken to limit access, it's critical that ONLY the below instructions are followed and used to unblock websites, this procedure should be followed exactly as described and if CSA or any staff member varies from the below procedure, NCIT will not be liable under any circumstance for any issues caused as a result.

URL Whitelist Procedure

Step 1.
Open internet explorer on your computer and type in the following address

You will be asked to confirm to continue and the following window will appear...


Enter the CSA Login as per below:
Üsername: csaadm
Password: Passw0rd01 (note the zero instead of the o).Make sure domain is set to netgear and not VPN.

Then press login.

Step 2

Once logged in you will be presented with the following screen.


Click on the Application Security link on the top menu to continue.

Step 3

Next click on the grey submenu HTTP/HTTPS, then select URL Filtering from the Grey tabs as per below.


You are now at the URL Filtering page, as you can see, the first item is the URL whitelist.

To add a URL simply type the URL in the add URL box then press the add button.

Note: You can also use wild cards represented by the * character. Wildcards make life easier where if you need to unblock a whole website, for example if a website has http://mail.standrew.com.au and http://www.standrew.com.au if you use *.standrew.com.au it'll unblock both websites.

Once you have made the required changes scroll down to the bottom of the page and press APPLY.


You are Done! Please now press Logoff on the top right hand corner of the page and close the web browser.

The website is now unblocked.

Recommended URL/Website unblock form

Website to unblock requested:
Please state reason requiring the unblock:
Requested by:
Authorised by: